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Saying Goodbye To Jens Pulver

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Generally I'm not the one for all the mushy stuff when it comes to MMA fighters coming to the end of their journey.  It's inevitable that all the great ones must become mortal again if you compete in the sport long enough while fighting legitimate competition.  Pulver's career record of (22-13-1) isn't the best ever, but it's a who's who list of fighters that Pulver went up against during his storied career.  Granted, he lost more times than not when going up against elite competition, he went out the way I would have wanted to go out myself.  That is, fighting the best of the best to the very end.  Pulver lost 7 of his last 8 fights, but those 7 losses came largely against elite fighters.  Not good fighters, but elite fighters and you have to respect that.

However, the best thing about Pulver in my opinion, was his dead level honesty.  The guy wore his heart on his sleeve and that was evident in each post-fight interview he gave as he got closer and closer to the end.  He was a class act, and to have the respect of your peers the way he does speaks volumes about what he brings to the table.  At 35 years of age it's evident that Pulver can't compete with the best fighters of today, but I think he still has a lot to offer this sport as an ambassador and as a role model for younger fighters. 

Thanks for your contributions to the sport Jens, you are a winner.