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UFC 111 Preview: North Carolina's Rodney Wallace Talks Jared Hamman

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"It’s always disappointing to lose to somebody you’re supposed to beat. I feel like I was supposed to beat Brian (Stann) and I feel like I’m supposed to beat (Hamman) and to go out there and do less than that will be disappointing. It will be disappointing to me and it will be disappointing to my camp because we know what we are supposed to do, but anything is possible in a fight. You could have a different game plan of really trying to excel and the other guy can have a game plan of surviving and they can shine through by just surviving rather than you shining through by trying to really be exciting. So anything can happen and I’m definitely going to try to be exciting, and I’m definitely going to try and put the fight away."

Rodney(9-1) still feels as though he won the Brian Stann fight, but he can ill afford to dwell on that fight now.  A loss at UFC 111 could put him in a tough spot while fighting in the stacked light heavyweight division.  He'll be facing Jared Hamman at UFC 111, who's coming off a loss himself at UFC 105.  He's (10-2) with 8 of those wins via the TKO/KO variety.  We hope to speak with Rodney soon and get his thoughts on the upcoming fight.