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WEC 47: Bowles vs. Cruz Recap And Commentary

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The WEC delivers again.  It's a shame these fighters don't have more exposure.  We got to witness 7 fights and all of them were dope except for the Davis/DT hugfest, but I won't complain about that one.  The main event was kind of anti-climatic, but it was a good fight while it lasted.  That one referee was horrible.  How did he NOT see that lowblow in the LC Davis fight?  However, in an earler fight he was in the same position when a fighter got hit low.  He didn't see it but when the fighter complained he allowed him to continue.  Also, why in the world did he stand up Davis/DT when DT had Davis in a shoulder lock punching LC Davis in the face?  Wow.  On to the fights:

-Again, the main event between Cruz and Bowles was anti-climatic, but it was fairly entertaining while it lasted.  Would Bowles have figured out Cruz and all the movement he was giving him as the fight went on?  I doubt it.  I think Cruz had a great game-plan and was executing it beautifully.  I like Cruz's confidence and that guy could be champion for a long time.  He exhibited crisp boxing with great movement while countering Bowles pretty effectively.  Some people are questioning the heart of Brian Bowles, but I respect his decision.  There's no sense in taking a beating for 3 more rounds when you can't fight effectively.  It was only the 9th fight of his career, so he's got some time to regroup and come back stronger. 

-Wow.  Joseph Benavidez has arrived as he destroyed Miguel Torres in the second round.  I never would have thought that he would submit Torres.  That elbow that opened up the cut on Torre's forehead was brutal though, and probably was a factor in the submission as Torres was bleeding heavily.  Could we see a Benavidez/Jorgensen fight on the horizon, or should Jorgensen get a title shot now?

-Man, I hate to see Jens Pulver go out like that.  However, he said it himself that he's never been much of a grappler and Vazquez ran a clinic on him when the fight went to the ground.  I thought Pulver was all class in his post-fight interview.  I just hope he sticks to his decision to not fight again.  He can always coach or commentate somewhere.

-Scott Jorgensen is a beast and one of the most exciting fighters out there.  The way he picked up Mendes with the guillotine and then just dropped him to the canvas was just crazy! 

-Bart Palaszewski got a much needed win as he came from out of nowhere to submit Karen Darabedyan.  Darabedyan was having his way early on with some very good ground and pound.  However, the veteran in Palaszewski stayed patient and sunk the armbar in deep as Darabedyan got careless inside his guard.  Good win for Palaszewski.

-Anthony Pettis just flatlined Danny Castillo.  That headkick was reminiscent of Mirko Cro Cop in his PRIDE days.  Highlight reel KO.

Like I said it was a pretty entertaining card.  I thought the crowd was pretty good and the place seemed to have a good number of people there.  I thought it was interesting to see how Zuffa is going to promote this WEC 48 PPV.  As you can tell, they are going to try and put some of that UFC muscle behind it.  They already have Dana White and Joe Rogan cutting promo's about the card.  The commercial for the event was pretty good, and you'll recognize key words like 'Most Dominant Featherweight Champion Of All Time".  So they might pull all the stops to promote this card, and they better if they want to see over 40K PPV buys IMO.  Give me your thoughts on the WEC 47 card....

What's next for Jorgensen and Benavidez?  Should they fight for the #1 contender spot for a shot at Cruz?  Where does Miguel Torres go from here?  That's three wins in a row for L.C. Davis, could he pose some problems for either Ben Henderson or Donald Cerrone if given a title shot down the road?