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Report: Alistair Overeem To Have K-1 Fight 6 Week Prior To Strikeforce Bout With Rogers

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From MMAFighting:

Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem is scheduled to fight a K-1 kickboxing match against Dzevad Poturak on April 3, just six weeks before he is supposed to defend his title against Brett Rogers at the May 15 Strikeforce show.

I posted yesterday that Scott Coker says he believes Overeem will fight for Strikeforce 3-4 times in 2010.  While the likelyhood of something(other than a KO) happening is a bit slimmer in a K-1 bout, it's still possible that Overeem could get injuried or something.  He could take a damaging leg kick, get cut, or potentially knocked out which would jeopardize the Strikeforce MMA fight in May.  I hope Coker says his prayers every night as that's a pretty risky proposition when Overeem would probably be one half of the main event.