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Does Scott Coker Actually Believe Overeem Will Fight For Strikeforce 3-4 Times This Year?

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MMAJunkie was able to catch up with Scott Coker and ask him about Alistair Overeem and we'll he'll defend his Strikeforce title.  He spoke about the relationship he has with Overeem's manager Bas Boon and how they met, and also says they have been in constant communication.  Here's the kicker:

"Golden Glory and Strikeforce have a very good relationship; I met (Overeem's manager) Bas Boon 10 years ago when I started working in Japan for K-1," Coker said. "They let me know last year that they were going to need to fight in Japan on these dates starting in October (of 2009). We had a window of opportunity to have [Overeem] fight, and then he got hurt. He had that fistfight in the nightclub, which is not something we advocate, but it is what it is. He was protecting his brother, and he got in a fight, and he broke his hand. Then he had an infection in there. We missed the window of opportunity.

"But this year, I've been promised by Golden Glory that he's going to fight three or four times for us here before the end of the year, and we're going to hold him to it."

Really Scott?  I mean it's already March and the earliest that Overeem will fight for Strikeforce is in May against Brett Rogers according to recent reports.  That's half the year right there that has already passed by and he would have fought for them once.  Also, what's up with this promise nonsense?  What about an actual CONTRACT that would assure you that you'd have him for 'x' number of fights over a certain period of time?  Apparently, Overeem signed a new contract with Strikeforce sometime in September 2009, but still hasn't set foot inside a Strikeforce cage.