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Brandon Vera Says He's Going 'Old School' On Jon Jones

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Brandon Vera participated in a recent Q&A held in Las Vegas by the UFC.  He talked about a multitude of things:  From the transition to LHW, not fighting Chuck Liddell, a re-match with Couture, and how he intends to fight Jon Jones(You can view the entire thing here).  However, the thing that stuck out the most to me was what he said his approach would be against Jones.  Check it:

I'm going old school muay thai...I'm not doing no head movement...I'm not doing no footwork...I'm just going forward and I'm chase him down...I'm going old school it used to be when I was knocking people out.

We talked about this before, but just how many chances does Vera get to prove himself to the masses?  His first fight as a LHW was against Reese Andy was given a pass since it was his first time cutting weight.  This Jones fight will be his sixth fight as a light heavyweight and he still hasn't turned in a great performance even though he has been fighting mediocre competition.  How many times can Vera go back to the well with the "I'm bring something to this fight that you haven't seen yet" comments?  Is this his last shot at becoming a contender?