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MMA4Real Readers: Update Your Spot On The MMA4Real Reader Google Map

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You Can View The Global Scale Here

Red Markers=MMA4Real Staff Members

Yellow Markers=MMA Fighters That Are Members Of The MMA4Real Community

Blue Markers=MMA4Real Members

Sup guys and gals?  We've had quite a few new members to join the MMA4Real community over the past couple of weeks.  If you are interested, I'd like to add you to the MMA4Real Google Reader map.  If your MMA4Real username isn't listed via the link, all you have to do is drop your zip code or city in the comments section and I'll add you.  The goal is pretty simple:

-It tells us more about where are readership originates from.

-Those of you in close proximity to one another could possibly get together to watch some MMA.

-Plus, it's just cool to look at :)

The pic up above is one of the first screen shots I took after I started doing this.  Let's just say it looks a lot different now....haha.