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James Toney's Lack Of MMA Experience Will Help Determine His UFC Opponent

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Earlier today I wrote about the possibility of James Toney fighting Kimbo Slice in his UFC debut.  One of the last reasons I provided stated:

Also, would athletic commissions even sanction a MMA fight between Toney and a fighter with years of MMA experience?

Well, Mike Chiappetta spoke with Keith Kizer(NSAC executive director) and he confirmed my suspicions that this would factor in into who Toney would be able to fight:

"Generally speaking, you look at the matchup, compare the two fighters and try to make sure it's a non-mismatch," he said. "There's almost always a favorite, someone favored to win the fight. It's not easy to get a 50/50 fight. But the question is how far apart are the proverbial odds? If it's too great a distance, it's a no."

So with that said, the likely-hood of Toney fighting a well established MMA fighter in his first matchup is probably not going to happen.  Granted, Toney has years of experience in boxing, I don't know if the commissions would equate that to say years of wrestling.  Not to mention that Toney is already over 40 years old.  Yep, looks like it's Kimbo Slice time.