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Will Kimbo Slice Be James Toney's First Opponent In The UFC?

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So many options with so little time, but how much to gain is the million dollar question here.  Randy Couture piped up and said he wanted to be the first to fight Toney in the UFC.  However, as I said in the comments section on yesterday, I don't see the UFC going that route.  I don't see them risking a Couture or Liddell as the hands of an out of shape past his prime James Toney.  While they could very well beat Toney if they just took him down and mauled him, there would be the puncher's chance factor.  Let's be honest, neither Couture nor Liddell have exhibited the best chins in the world as of late, and Toney certainly could put anyone's lights out with four ounce gloves on.  I don't see them putting Toney in there with a skilled wrestler right off the bat as a heavyweight either.  

I really think they are going to go the Kimbo Slice route with this one.  Here's why:

-Toney and camp already want to fight him, plus the Slice/Mattrione fight is no longer listed on the UFC website.

-Slice already has a win in the UFC, fans know he's not unbeatable...we've seen him lose twice now and people STILL tune in to see him fight.  It's a win/win fight for the UFC...a Toney win introduces him to the masses(millions always tune in to see Kimbo)...a win for Kimbo gets the Kimbo train moving along.

-Slice can fight at 205 or as a heavyweight, so that's another option for Toney in that it's not clear what weight class he will fight in.

-Also, would athletic commissions even sanction a MMA fight between Toney and a fighter with years of MMA experience?

So I think we'll see a matchup between Slice and Toney in the UFC.  What say you?