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Elite Championship Cagefighting 11 Fight Card And Ticket Information

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Marcelo Rodriguez will be presenting the Elite Championship Cagefighting 11 event on March 13th from Lenoir, NC.  The doors open at 6pm ET for a huge card that will feature over 15 fights.  The main event will consist of a lightweight title fight between D'Juan Owens and Colt Howell.  You can find your ticket information here.  The entire fight card can be found after the jump. 

-Tony Collins(0-0) vs. Ryne Ford(0-0)

-Gary Wingfield(1-0) vs. John Morales(2-0)

-Jordan Rinaldi(4-1) vs. TBD

-Jesus Santiago(3-3) vs. Chris Crawford(3-2)

-Eric Tilley(1-0) vs. Salah Hemidach(0-1)

-Tommy McMillian(0-2) vs. Brendan Couture(0-0)

-Curtis Brinkley(3-2) vs. Chad Tyler(1-2)

-Randall Williams(2-1) vs. Joshua Stanley(2-4)

-Scott Fierle(1-2) vs. Jason Heilig(2-6)

-Chase Utt(0-0) vs. Sebastian Wodjack(0-0)

-Tommy Dibenard(0-2) vs. Clinton Childers(1-0)

-David Overby(0-1) vs. Rafael Morel(0-0)

-Chris Reid(1-1) vs. Michael Alford Jr.(2-1-1)

-Paul Reese(1-0) vs. JJ Brantley(2-0)

-Carl Stevens(4-5) vs. Josh Leonard(5-1)

-D'Juan Owens(6-4) vs. Colt Howell(6-0)(Lightweight Title Fight)