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Ultimate Fight Night 21 Results: Kenny Florian Dominates Takanori Gomi And Wins Via Submission

 Florian's showed the difference between striking now and then.

The fight begins and both are in low crouching stances.  Gomi with his hands real low.  Gomi swinging wildly but not connecting.  Florian light on his feet.  Florian is a solid leg kick.  Florian with lots of feints and jabs.  Gomi counters with a right hook that's blocked.  Florian with jabs and a solid body shot.  Gomi with a wild overhand right.  Gomi tries to counter a leg kick.  Gomi with a punch to the body.  Florian with the jab and lots f feints.  Florian with a nice counter and very solid jabs.  Gomi with a body shot.  Florian is picking Gomi apart with jabs.  Gomi with a solid kick.  Florian with more jabs and a body kick.  Gomi shoot sfor the take down and it's stuffed.  Right hand lands for Gomi.  Gomi with a wild head kick with 8 seconds to go in the round.  Florian countering a big overhand right as the bell sounds, but nothing lands.  Fairly easy round to score in favor of Florian.

The second round begins and Florian starts the jab again.  Gomi attempts a body shot.  Florian with another jab and another.  Gomi counters nicely but eats several punches from Florian.  Another jab from Florian and a left.  Gomi trying to establish his jab.  Gomi lands a jab as Florian comes forward with a knee.  Nice body shot from Gomi, but he has no answer for Florian's jab.  Gomi with a body shot, but Florian eats it.  Florian pumping the jab.  Gomi seems to be a little more aggressive now.  Gomi with a solid left that lands.  Florian with another jab as Gomi throws a mortal kombat uppercut. 

The final round begins and Gomi initiates.  Florian clinches and lands knees from the thai plum.  More jabs from Florian.  Gomi looks pretty tired and takes a deep breath.  Gomi with his most solid punches of the fight.  Florian felt those and shoots for a take down and gets it.  Gomi with full guard now and Florian postures up.  Florian in half-guard working for a arm triangle.  Gomi spins and gives up his back.  Florian rolls with him and slides his arm under his chin and sinks in the rear naked choke. 

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