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Ultimate Fight Night 21 Results: Jorge Rivera Destroys Nate Quarry Via TKO In Rd. 2

Jorge Rivera looked revived in this one.

The first round began and there was a little feeling out process with Quarry landing some low kicks.  Rivera looking for the big shot it seemed.  Quarry pumping out low kicks, but Rivera cracked Quarry with two big right hands.  Rivera answered a Quarry low kick with another right hand.  Rivera bogs and weaves and launches a big right hand that drops Quarry.  Rivera pounced  and landed a huge knee, but Quarry survived in the clinch and landed a nice elbow as they separated.  Rivera rocked Quarry again and Quarry tried to survive by clinching Rivera's shorts.  Rivera landed nice combinations and knees and overwhelmed Quarry as the fight went to the ground.  Quarry is showed a lot of heart, but it was clearly a dominant round for Rivera who almost finished Quarry as the bell sounded.

The second round started and Quarry came right out and applied pressure with low kicks, but Rivera continued to answer with big right hands.  He dropped Quarry with a nice left right combo and pounces as Quarry goes to the canvas.  The ref came in to save Quarry from further punishment.  Jorge Rivera wins via TKO in Rd. 2.

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