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Ultimate Fight Night 21 Results: Ross Pearson Picks Apart Dennis Siver For Unanimous Decision Win

Ross Pearson pretty much picked apart Dennis Siver throughout this fight.

The first round was a fairly even affair, but Pearson looked to land the cleaner shots.  He repeatedly landed the over hand right hand and several low kicks, while looking to counter with the left hook.  Siver used an array of strikes from kicks and jabs as well as several hooks.  Pearson landed a headkick and knocked Siver's mouthpiece out with about a minute and a half to go in the round.  Siver went to the ground and Pearson took his back and locked in a body triangle.  He mounted Siver and landed some  ground and pound before reversing Pearson against the cage and opening up with strikes as the bell sounded.

The second round started and Siver is heavily damaged under his left eye.  Pearson working low kicks and the big overhand right.  Siver seemed to be outmatched and shot for a take down but it was avoided by Pearson.  Siver with a nice spinning back kick to the body.  Siver bleeding heavily from the mouth but pumps the jab as Pearson lands a flying knee and a jab.  Siver shot for a take down and got it.  Pearson scrambles and got back to his feet.  Siver was coming up left with the left hook and Pearson extended the jab.  And another..and a overhand right..and a low kick.  And another jab.  Siver pawing with the jab and lands a low kick.  Pearson with a big right hand.  Siver with a wild headkick that misses.  Siver with a jab and the bell sounded. 

The final round began with more low kicks from Pearson and Siver pumping out the jab.  Pearson with more low kicks and jabs.  Siver looked to be pretty gassed at this point, but he still kept coming forward with jabs and left hooks that came up short.  Pearson with a nice right hand, but gave up the take down to Siver.  Pearson worked from full guard as Siver tried to pass.  Pearson worked back to his feet but ate a knee on the way up.  Strong leg kick from Pearson.  Pearson with a brief take down, but Siver worked back to his feet to land another spinning back kick.  Both fighters proceeded to trade strikes until the end of the round with nothing significant landing. 

Ross Pearson takes the UD.

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