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Has Takanori Gomi Been Training In The Cage?

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I ran across this piece on the UFC website and Gomi says that he doesn't have a cage in his gym.  He also implies that he hasn't trained in a cage with the last excerpt.  Check it:

"I'm happy that my American fans are anticipating my debut in the Octagon. My fans are my motivational factor, and I want to display my exciting fighting style to them."

"Kenny is good at using the cage, and well-versed in both striking and grappling. He’s a complete fighter, so it's hard to find holes in his game. It'll be a war, but I'm going to use all the weapons that I have against him."

"I don't have a cage in my gym, but I understand that the cage can either be used for me or be used against me. I'll try not to think about the cage too much as I fight in it."

I'm not 100% sure that he hasn't trained in a cage to prepare for his fight tonight with Kenny Florian.  However, that last statement doesn't bode well for his chances or confidence in using or defending the elements the cage presents.  We all saw what not training in the cage did for Mirko Cro Cop(along with diminishing physical skills).  Hopefully this was just a statement that wasn't translated well, as Gomi doesn't speak English well or at all.  In looking at this fight, I really wonder how competitive it will be?  Gomi hasn't fought anyone near the top ten in a LONG time, in fact it's been several years.  I guess we'll find out in a few hours. 


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