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Jorge Rivera vs. Nate Quarry Preview: Which Fighter Can Make It 3 In A Row?

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Both fighters are coming into this fight looking to win their third fight in a row and both fighters are veterans in the MMA game. Quarry brings a career record of (12-3) with 7 wins via TKO/KO and 2 via submission. Quarry has performed well since has his spine fused to correct a chronic back problem. Quarry has always had decent striking, coupled with a good chin. In fact, besides a decision loss many years ago to Gustavo Machado, Quarry's only other losses are to Rich Franklin and Demian Maia. Nate Quarry helped usher Jason MacDonald out of the UFC, then had a stand up rock'em sock'em fight with Tim Credeur last year in which he won. Quarry does have decent power in his right hand, and will be looking to land it against Rivera who's chin is somewhat questionable.

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Jorge Rivera is looking to score his third win in a row as well. He brings a career record of (17-7) with 11 wins via TKO/KO and 2 wins via submission. Rivera has always been a solid fighter, but he has seem to have found a resurgence in himself since the passing of his daughter in 2008. Rivera won a split decision against Nissen Osterneck and put Rob Kimmons away in his last two fights. Rivera can fight wherever the fight goes, but is susceptible to the submission and doesn't have the best chin as I mentioned earlier. However, Rivera does have power of his own as a result of the 11 TKO/KO victories to his credit.

Ultimately, I think this fight comes down to the chin and power of each fighter. I think Quarry has the better chin, but I think Rivera may have the edge in power. I think Quarry has the edge in wrestling, but he's shown that he'll stand and trade if his opponent is willing to do so. Rivera will stand and bang with him. I think Quarry will be able to withstand what Rivera brings and put that right hand on Rivera's chin to put him away. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see Rivera pull this one out either. Who you got?