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Report: Brett Rogers vs. Alistair Overeem Will Be A Title Fight(As It Should Be)

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I posted yesterday that a fight between Brett Rogers vs. Alistair Overeem was going to take place on the May 15th Strikeforce card.  However, at the time it was thought that the fight would be a non-title affair.  According to Mauro Ranallo's Fight Show, the fight will definitely be for Overeem's Strikeforce heavyweight title.  Some people think it should be a non-title affair because Rogers is coming off a loss, but I disagree with those sentiments.  Here's why:

#1.  As difficult time as Strikeforce has had with Overeem defending that title...they better make this a title fight because who knows when he'll fight for Strikeforce again?

#2.  Yes, it's true Rogers is coming off a loss...but it was to Fedor.  Everybody that has fought Fedor has what?  Also, the factt Strikeforce and Fedor are having issues is a factor.  Fedor may never fight for Strikeforce again, not to mention he's interested in fighting Josh Barnett and not Overeem.

#3.  A 'title fight' should add a little more interest to the card.

#4.  If Rogers were to win Strikeforce has accomplished two things.  They have a champion they know will defend the belt, and he's at least fought on CBS in front of 5 million viewers..which is way more exposure than Overeem has experienced in America.

#5.  We get to see if Overeem can pass a drug test.