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Fightlab Promotions Presents: "Cagefights At The Epicenter 2"

Fightlab Promtions will be back with their second edition of Cagefights At The Epicenter on March 26th in Charlotte, NC.  The event kicks off at 7:30pm ET, and you can get your ticket information right here.  This is going to be a monster card as well with several solid match ups taking place and at least 7 title matches. will be on the scene covering the event LIVE, so be sure to come by and check us out.  I'm try to get our MMA4Real t-shirts done by then so yall can know who the hell we are when you see us.  Check out the fight card after the jump.

-Jeremy Holm(6-0) vs. Tyrone Jackson(1-1)

-Jacob Allman(5-0) vs. Chris Smith(3-1)

-Blaine Thomas(8-5) vs. Jamie Pickett(4-2)

-Zachary Klouse(4-2) vs. George Greaves(2-2)

-Jenny Yum(4-0) vs. TBD

-James Davis(4-1) vs. TBD

-Matthew Tran(4-0) vs. Kevin Hulin(4-1)

-Micah Lail(6-4) vs. Bobby Sellers(3-1)

-Kurtis Cloward(7-2) vs. Kevin Forant(3-1)

-Flyin Ryan Conn(1-4) vs. Brantley Furr(1-0)

-Rickey Rainey(2-0) vs. Casey Baynes(2-0)

-Jason Reno(0-0) vs. Charlie Johnson(0-0)

-Anthony Cooper(1-3) vs. Michael Alford Jr.(2-1)

-John Morales(2-0) vs. Sebastian Wojdak(1-0)

-Ryan Overcash(1-2) vs. TBD