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Kenny Florian Lays The Gauntlet Down For Takanori Gomi

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Florian was on MMAWeekly's Radio show and had this to say in regards to Takanori Gomi:

"I don't mean this in a cocky way, but he's going to have to respect me a lot more. I'm not sure he really knows what he's dealing with," said Florian. "I'm not sure if he's been following the UFC, or following my career or whatever, and he definitely doesn't know what I've been up to in the last few months, but I feel like if he doesn't come with his ‘A’ game, and if he feels like he's the senior guy, or that he's the legend, and he doesn't respect me, I think he'll be out of there pretty quick."

I have to agree with Florian here.  Our very own Rich Wyatt will be previewing this fight on tomorrow, so I don't want to steal any of his thunder.  I'll just say that I can't wait to see what Gomi brings to the table. 

HT: MMAWeekly

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