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Coastal Combat Circuit: "Evolution Fighting" Quick Results And Videos

While we were in the western part of the state this past weekend, Coastal Combat Circuit presented their "Evolution Fighting" event in Elizabeth City, NC.  MMA For Real was not present, by I'm told that the event went well and the fights were good.  You can find the unofficial results below, and video of a few of the fights after the jump. 

-Jason Ramos defeated Derek Burchfield via Submission(RNC) in Rd. 1

-Jeremy Severn defeated Eric Martindale via Submission(RNC) in Rd. 1

-Robert Smith defeated Sheyenne Housand via TKO in Rd. 1

-David Derby defeated David Grasty via Submission(RNC) in Rd. 1

-John McDonald defeated Christopher Pollitzer via TKO in Rd. 1

Jason Ramos vs. Derek Burchfield

David Derby vs. David Grasty

Robert Smith vs. Sheyenne Housand

HT: Coastal Combat