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Jim Miller Talks Close Decision Win Over Mark Bocek At UFC 11

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From MMAJunkie:

"I think I won, but it wouldn't have shocked me if I heard his name," Miller said. "I don't like going to the judges."

"He's a real tough kid, and it was a close fight," Miller said. "I mean, if you look at both of our faces, I definitely beat him up a little bit more than he beat me up. I threw him a bunch more submissions. He had my back, but he never was choking me, so it was a close fight."

"I was more just disappointed," Miller said. "I wanted the finish. I wanted to sub him out."

My first initial reaction to the end of the fight was that Bocek pulled it out.  No doubt about it that it was a very close decision, but I thought Bocek won it(I picked Miller to win via UD).  I was surprised that Bocek was able to take Miller down repeatedly like that throughout the fight.  That's four wins in a row for Miller, but he'll definitely need to revamp his game as he moves up the UFC lightweight ladder.  How did yall score this one?

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