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UFC 111 Results: Georges St. Pierre Dominates Dan Hardy To Retain UFC Welterweight Title

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Georges St. Pierre dominated Dan Hardy en route to defending his UFC welterweight title.  GSP used his wrestling to nullify Dan Hardy's striking ability. 

The first round was spent on the feet for a short amount of time as GSP took Hardy down and consistently passed his guard and took his back.  However, late in the round GSP went for an armbar and had it locked in.  It looked like it was all over, but Hardy refused to tap and survived the submission attempt.  However, he was unable to do any damage to Dan Hardy for the rest of the round.

The second round started with GSP landed a crisp 1-2 and a stiff jab.  Then it was just more of the same as GSP consistently took Hardy down and worked for postional dominance.  Hardy offered nothing in return as he basically just worked to re-gain full guard when GSP tried to pass.  GSP just completely outclassed Dan Hardy to this point.

The third round was more of the same as GSP ducked a jab from Hardy to take him to the ground.  GSP was working for a kimura but Hardy defended, but it just allowed GSP to pass Hardy's guard once again.

The fourth round was more dominance for the champion.  However, GSP had a kimura locked in and I really think GSP could have broke Hardy's arm if he wanted to.  However, he didn't and let the submission go.  Just more dominance for the champion.

The last round was more of the same with GSP controlling Hardy on the ground.  He had the opportunity to go for the kimura again, but didn't finish Hardy.  Hardy showed madd heart in not tapping to the submissions.  GSP just constantly looking for dominant positions to do damage or submit Hardy.  However, Hardy was just fighting to survive the entire fight.  GSP dominates Dan Hardy to win a unanimous decision. 

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