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UFC 111 Results: Shane Carwin Destroys Frank Mir Via TKO In Rd. 1

It was a battle of two huge heavyweights, but Carwin was just too much for Mir.  Carwin used his size to press Mir against the cage in the standing position similar to how Lesnar did Mir on the ground.  Carwin opened up Mir with uppercuts and punches and then the action slowed a bit.  The referee re-starts the action in the center of the cage.  Carwin put Mir against the cage again and hurts Mir with with a series of punches.  Mir was badly hurt and dropped down to the ground.  Carwin followed him to the ground and unleashed a series of punches on Mir who was already out.  Questionable stoppage by the referee as Mir was already limp and taking unecessary punches.  Carwin destroys Mir to become the UFC Interim Heavyweight champion and will face Brock Lesnar later this summer.

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