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UFC 111 Results: Jon Fitch Outworks Ben Saunders For Unanimous Decision Win

The first round of this fight went just how I thought it would.  Fitch was finally able to take Saunders down and basically worked inside of Saunders guard for the duration of the round.  Fitch wasn't able to do much damage to Saunders, but he was constantly working and Saunders wasn't able to muster up anything in regards to submission attempts or damage from the bottom.

The second round was more of the same as Fitch achieved the take down and basically did the same thing that he did in the first.  However, Fitch again was constantly working with some gnp and Saunders wasn't offering anything in return.  The ref stood them up due with a minute left in the round, but Saunders wasn't able to do anything with Fitch as they stood up for the last minute of the second round.

The third round started with a more aggressive Jon Fitch.  He landed several solid strikes, but then went to his bread and butter of clinching against the cage.  However, there wasn't much happening as the referee breaks them about due to inactivity.  Saunders kept going for a kimura as Fitch was attempting the take down.  However, it was just more of the same and Fitch got the take down and worked Saunders over for the Unanimous Decision win. 

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