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UFC 111 Results: Jim Miller Squeaks By Mark Bocek By Decision

It was a fight where the grappler outworked the wrestler.  Mark Bocek was able to take Jim Miller down in the first couple of rounds and then basically outwork Dan Miller for the duration of the fight. 

The first round saw both fighter landing some strikes and Bocek with a early take down.  However, Miller was able to land a beautiful sweep using a kimura to end up on top position.  However, the bell rang as Miller just completed the sweep....close round to judge.

The second round was all Bocek as he took Miller to the ground and controlled him for the duration of the round after the take down.  The amazing thing was that Bocek took Miller's back and trapped one of his arms(like BJ Penn likes to do) and Miller was able to survive Bocek going for the rear naked choke for over a minute and a half. 

The third round was a very close round as Miller was enjoying some success standing before the fight went to the ground.  Bocek did so with a single leg.  However, he isn't able to do much with it and Miller gets back to his feet.  He then took Bocek to the ground and takes his back with seconds left.  The bell sounds as Miller is working for a rear naked choke.  Jim Miller wins a questionable decision.

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