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UFC 111 Prelim Results: Ricardo Almeida Overwhelms Matt Brown And Submits Him In Rd. 2

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The fight begins and they pretty immediately clinch and Almeida works furociously for the take down with a double leg.  Almeida gets a couple of take downs but isn't able to do much with them.  However, he did land a couple of nice combinations as they broke away from the clinch.  The majority of the round was spent in the clinch against the cage with Almeida controlling the action for the most part.

The second round was more of the same as Almedia controlled the majority of the round.  However, Almeida took control of the fight about half way through the bout and took Brown down to the mat.  Almeida landed some good GnP and cut Brown across the eyes.  Almeida worked to take Browns back and eventually forced Brown to submit via rear naked choke.

Ricardo Almeida wins his welterweight debut. 

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