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UFC 111 Prelim Results: Nate Diaz Destroys Rory Markham In The First Round Via TKO

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 The fight begins and they trade strikes and both are landing some decent shots.  However, after about a minute or so, Diaz began to find his range and pick Markham apart with strikes. Markham retreats and Diaz tags him again, and Markham drops to the canvas.  Diaz is reigning down punches and Markham is offering nothing in return and covers up.  Diaz takes his back and locks his hooks in.  Diaz looking for the rear naked choke.  Diaz with a body triangle and Markham is offering nothing still.  Diaz still on Markham's back and is reigning down punches and the referee comes in to save Markham.  Nate Diaz dominates Rory Markham for the win in his welterweight debut.

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