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Come Watch UFC 111 At RallyPoint Sports Bar And Grill In Cary, NC With MMA For Real Tonight

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That's right!  RallyPoint Sports Bar and Grill located in Cary, NC have been gracious enough to allow to come hang out and live blog the UFC 111 event tonight.  The facility is located at the following location:

RallyPoint Sports Bar and Grill

1827 North Harrison Avenue

Cary, NC 27513

(919) 678-1088 

There is a $5 cover charge and great drink specials ALL night.  Also, for those that want to come hang out with me, I have 3 VIP PASSES.  All you have to do is email me at with your MMA For Real user-name and I'll get you squared away with the passes.

The facility is equipped with too many TV's to count, but the best thing is that they have a huge projector that will be showing the fights on a 20 foot screen outside.(which is where I'll be).  So if you want some great food, great drinks, and want to watch what should be a great MMA event?  Come hang out with me tonight and I hope to see you there around 8:30 since the preliminary fights will begin at 9pm ET.