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Report: Thiago Alves To Have Outpatient Brain Surgery And Return In 3 Weeks

From MMAMania:

TMZ Sports -- who broke the initial story regarding "Pitbull's" condition, first reported the update earlier today.

The Brazilian was pulled from his March 27 fight against Jon Fitch after failing a pre-fight CAT Scan and promptly sought out additional tests from brain specialists to help determine what action needed to be taken -- if any.

Now it appears that Alves will have an angiogram at the Hyman Newman institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery located at Roosevelt Hospital in New York.

The outpatient procedure is scheduled to take place next Wednesday (March 31) to correct the malformation of the left side of his brain, as reported by Tracy Lee from a March 26 press conference held by Alves.

He is expected to be cleared to resume training in as little as three weeks.

Great news.

Indeed, this is excellent news.  It would have been a tragedy to lose a one of the best welterweights in the world in his prime.