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Fightlab Promotions: Cagefights At The Epicenter 2 Quick Results

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I just got back from Charlotte, and I'm about to crash with the quickness.  It was a great show, and Rich will be posting up recap of the entire show at some point this weekend.  The full results are below:

- Jason Reno defeated Charles Johnson via Submission(Triangle Choke) in Rd. 3

-Sebastian Wojdak defeated Jason Salvo via KO(Punch) in Rd. 2

- Ronnie Hewitt defeated Michael Alford via Submission(Guillotine) at 2:15 of Rd. 1

- Brantley Furr defeated Ryan Conn via Split Decision

- Ricky Rainey defeated Casey Baynes via Unanimous Decision

-Kevin Forant defeated Kurtis Cloward via Submission(Armbar) in Rd. 1

- Micah Lail defeated Bobby Sellers via Submission(Strikes) in Rd. 1

- Matthew Tran defeated Kevin Hulin via Submission(Armbar)at 2:41 of Rd. 1

- Nate Davis defeated Varon Webb via TKO(Ref Stoppage) at 2:00 of Rd. 1

- Jacob Allman defeated Chris Smith via Submission(RNC) at 1:39 of Rd. 1

- Jeremy Holm defeated Tyrone Jackson via Unanimous Decision