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Brock Lesnar Is Already Promoting His Comeback Fight Against The Winner Of Mir/Carwin

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Brock Lesnar was on Sportscenter this morning(check video above) and said that Shane Carwin and Frank Mir were fighting for a 'make believe' belt at UFC 111.  Of course, the Mir/Carwin match up is an interim heavyweight title fight brought on by the uncertainty of Brock Lesnar's return to the octagon.  Dana White has said that Brock will be in attendance at UFC 111 and they will likely bring Lesnar in the cage after the Mir/Carwin fight is over. 

Instant promotion.

Think about the stare-down between Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson which happened over a year ago at UFC 96.  However, that verbal war of words will fuel a fight that would have happened 6 months ago(when it takes place) later this year.  The crazy thing is they will not even need to promote that fight due to the bad blood shared between the two.

The same will be true for Lesnar and whoever he fights at UFC 116.  Some will declare that bringing Lesnar in the cage is too much like pro wrestling.  However, it's the most affordable promotion for a fight EVER.  Not only will hundreds of thousands see it live, but it will be used in all the countdown shows and things of the like.  It doesn't really matter who Lesnar fights at UFC 116, that show is going to do astronomical numbers.  Simply because it'll be Lesnar's first return to the octagon in close to year, and he has 'history' with both Carwin and Mir. 

However, Lesnar's appearance at UFC 111 will certainly be very impactful in how this future match up will be viewed.