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Cagefights At The Epicenter 2, MMA For Real Will Be In Attendance

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That's right!  Myself along with Rich Wyatt will be in attendance tonight at the Cagefights At The Epicenter 2 show taking place in Charlotte, NC.  We will try to live blog the show IF the wireless internet cooperates, but if not we'll have results and commentary up as soon as I get home from the event.  I'm told the event is SOLD OUT, but there could be a few tickets available for those that want to try to get in at the last minute.  It's going to be a stacked card with multiple title fights.  So if you plan on coming to the event, it would be cool to meet you guys and gals.  Rich and I will be the two flyest kats there, so we won't be hard to miss.  LOL.  Nah, I'll be the light skinned guy with a Cageside MMA t-shirt on, so that should help narrow things down a bit.  The fights start at 7:30 and doors open at 6:30pm.  The after party will take place at Whiskey River.  Check out the fight card after the jump:

-Jeremy Holm(6-0) vs. Tyrone Jackson(1-1)

-Jacob Allman(5-0) vs. Chris Smith(3-1)

-James Davis(4-1) vs. Varon Webb(1-0)

-Matthew Tran(4-0) vs. Kevin Hulin(4-1)

-Micah Lail(6-4) vs. Bobby Sellers(3-1)

-Kurtis Cloward(7-2) vs. Kevin Forant(3-1)

-Flyin Ryan Conn(1-4) vs. Brantley Furr(1-0)

-Rickey Rainey(2-0) vs. Casey Baynes(2-0)

-Jason Reno(0-0) vs. Charlie Johnson(0-0)

-Ronny Huitt(1-0) vs. Michael Alford Jr.(2-1)

-Jason Salvo(1-2) vs. Sebastian Wojdak(1-0)