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Rampage Signs Extension with UFC

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It appears all is well on the homefront as apparently Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has signed a new six-fight contract with the UFC. has the story:

"Rampage and I are friends again now. I was mad at him because of what he's done, and he was mad at me because I was mad at him [smile]."

When we asked him at the private media session whether Rampage's recent statements about him wanting to leave the sport after his contract is finished would affect his chances of getting a title shot in the near future (provided of course, he defeats Rashad Evans), Dana responded :

"No, we just renewed Rampage's contract... It's a 6 fights contract."

I suppose Rampage has decided he won't bank on being the next Will Smith, and we'll enjoy more of his antics and exciting matches for a couple more years. He is currently scheduled to fight Rashad Evans in a TUF grudge match at UFC 114 in Las Vegas on May 29.