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Thiago Alves Is Hopeful For A Quick Return At UFC 112

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His agent Malki Kawa spoke with MMAJunkie and indicated that the New Jersey athletic commission was erring on the side of caution(they are a pretty strict athletic commission) with his irregular CT scan.  He indicated that there was no bleeding on the brain and that the preliminary findings don't indicate anything to be seriously concerned about:

Kawa said Alves hoped to shift the fight to the UFC's Wednesday event in North Carolina, UFC Fight Night 21. Unfortunately, it appears the timeframe is just too tight, and that option appears unlikely.

Instead, Kawa indicated Alves has his eyes on Abu Dhabi in April.

UFC 112 will take place on April 10th, which is a little more than two weeks away.  Currently, there are only 10 fights listed for the event on the UFC webpage, and generally UFC events have 11 fights which would leave a potential slot open.  Since Fitch will not be fighting at all on the UFC 111 event, it could be possible to move this fight to that event if further testing indicates that Alves is "ok" to fight.