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Junior Dos Santos Talks Cain Velasquez

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From Tatame:

"The UFC didn’t say anything yet and I don’t know who I’m gonna fight. I’d like to fight against Velasquez. He’s a tough guy, but the UFC has other great names too. I just wanna fight against the best and with the best, that’s what I’m waiting from the UFC now. He’s a very complete guy. His wrestling is superior than mine, but I think I can surprise him on striking. I’d train a lot of ground game or this fight too, it could make some diference"




"It’s not about revenge, I’m cool with that, so does Rodrigo (Nogueira). I’d fight Cain for who he is, an undefeated fighter, a great fighter inside the UFC. I’d like to face him because of that. This revenge thing, I think Rodrigo can get that"

We did a poll the other day asking if the UFC should pit Dos Santos against Velasquez as a #1 contenders match.  However, Dana White spoke on that yesterday and confirmed that it's not going to happen.  However, he also said that neither would sit on the sidelines idle either.  This fight will happen sooner or later, and I can't wait until it does.