"Mighty Mo" Asks For Rematch.



This past weekend MMA fans seen the first appearence of Josh Barnett since he failed a durg test leading to the demise of Affliction. Barnett faced "Mighty Mo" in a pointless fight which did not do nothing to further Barnett as a fighter or even make him a blip on the heavy weight radar again.

During the fight Barnett landed a front kick flush on "Mighty Mo's" bread basket and dropped him. Barnett spoke about the low blow at the post fight presser.

"I’m glad I made Mo some money -- I’m just sorry he had to take a kick below the belt.

"Mighty Mo" also asked for a rematch.

A chronic sufferer of low blows, a discontented Siala "Mighty Mo" Siliga pushed for a rematch against Josh Barnett in his post-fight interview, claiming that, "it’s not fair for me to keep fighting like that. Any man in here cannot fight after being kicked ‘there’."

Ok for one why did you keep fighting if you felt that way? Pride is for fools or did he figure it would make a good story if he came back from a ball kick to win? Either way don't use a ball kick that you had all day and then some to come back from as a reason for a loss. Barnett is a better fighter plain and simple.

And in Barnett fashion he accepted it

I’ll give Mo a rematch," said Barnett. "That’s fine. He deserves it. And if I’m going to make someone money, I might as well make him some money. Why not?"

Am i the only one that don;t care for Barnett anymore. Of course Mo will want a rematch, He would be a fool not to. If Mo beats Barnett that would do wonders for his career in Japan and also shoot him up in the rankings. Mo will go from local freak fighter to a fringe top 15 fighter.

Barnett has nothing to gain by fighting Mo again besides a pay check. This fight could happen 35 times and it would be as meaningless the 35th time and it would the first. Barnett lost alot of his luster when he got popped for roids and i don't see any major promotion in the states putting an event on his shoulders in a while. If Josh wants the Fedor fight or at this point even a Rogers fight at this point he needs to start taking fights that matter in MMA.

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