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UFC On Versus: Analyzing The Ratings

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EVeezy posted the ratings information for the UFC On Versus show earlier, and many of you have already posted some great analysis on the subject.  I would think the UFC and Versus would have to deem the 1.2 million viewers as a success, even though they fell a little short of the WEC's all time high.  I wrote that ratings for the event would depend on brand recognition and that's essentially what we got with these ratings.  Let's take a look at why the ratings were what they were(as some of  you have already indicated):

-The show was on a Sunday night at 9pm

-Yes, DirecTV and Comcast came to an agreement...but I doubt the word reached all of the customers on such short notice

-There wasn't alot of promotion for the event.  I would argue that sites(like this one) provided a great deal of the promotion for the event as someone else said in the comments section of the other post.

-Versus is available in about 20 million less homes than Spike TV.

However, another angle would be that none of the fighters featured have big fanbases.  Jon Jones is still relatively unknown, as is Junior Dos Santos.  Brandon Vera, while somewhat popular, isn't a big draw and neither is Gabriel Gonzaga.  In other words, there were some very good fighters featured on the card, but none that would appeal to the casual fan so to speak.

So I expect the ratings for the second UFC on Versus event in August to surpass these ratings as well as the all time high set by WEC34 (1.5 million viewers).  Simply because  DirecTV customers will be aware that Versus is now available, maybe they'll chose a better time slot, and maybe they'll do more promotion for this next event.

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