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Paul Buentello Tapped Out Mainly Due To His Dislocated Finger

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One of his trainers(Trevor Whittman) told MMAJunkie how it went down:

He couldn't take it anymore," Wittman today told "Kongo did a great job of applying pressure and (threw) nice elbows to the hip sockets and that high leg and the knees to the body ... that all had to do with it also. But his hand was in severe pain."

I'll tell you what, I have tip my hat to Paul Buentello because he probably saved that UFC On Versus show.  Think about this, and crazy the first fight between Alessio Sakara and James Irvin.  The way that fight ended was very weird and anti-climatic.  Buentello dislocated his finger in the first round, and imagine what type of damper that would have put on things with two fights ending without a real definitive outcome(granted Irvin was done).  Buentello realized that it was his career flashing before his eyes probably, sucked up the pain for fought for an additional two rounds almost.  He'll probably be released from his UFC contract, but I just have to give the guy props for going out there and laying it on the line in the midst of an injury like that.  Not to mention the beating he was absorbing from Kongo for the duration of the fight. 

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