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Please Welcome "EVeezy" And "Robert Downey Sr." To The MMA For Real Family

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On behalf of Team MMA For Real, I'd like to formally welcome EVeezy and Robert Downey Sr. to the MMA4Real family.  I put the call out for talented writers and MMA enthusiasts to put their talent on display just over two weeks ago, and I was really impressed with all of your efforts.  I was hyped just off of the sheer number of people that were interested in helping this site become would it will become.  EVeezy has long been contributing to the site(even before I put the call out) and has even covered a number of Georgia regional shows for us, as well as the Japanese scene that sometimes gets neglected by me.  He'll continue in that role among other things as we roll along.  Robert Downey Sr. jumped right in amidst being knee deep in college exams and really did a great job in the fanposts section.  Enough of me's some more information on each guy:


Greetings MMA4Real readers!  My name is Erich Vowell and I'm 20 year old college student attending the Medical College of Georgia. I am studying to be a Anesthesiologist. My first exposure to MMA was the TUF show. I quickly started looking up fighters on the internet and soon found MMA outside of Zuffa. My uncle imports and exports beef from Japan and we planned a trip together. I went to DEEP 37 and was fascinated with Japanese MMA. I started buying expensive Shooto DVD's and fell in love with Tatsuya Kawajiri. I love attending live sporting events, hunting, fishing, and talking about MMA.  I look forward to talking MMA with you and contributing to the growth of this site. 

Robert Downey Sr.:

Greetings, MMA4Real readers! My name is Anthony Pace, but for familiarity’s sake I’ll be keeping my old handle of Robert Downey, Sr. I hope that our time spent together will be one of shared knowledge, vigorous debate, and hella fun.

About me: I’m a kid from the boondocks of Georgia trying to make it in the world. I’m currently an undergraduate studying English/Politics at Princeton University, so if some of my posts ever sound like I’m desperate and on the verge of calling it quits, it’s because I am in fact desperate and on the verge of calling it quits. I got into boxing around the age of 12 and I became an MMA fan some time around 2006 when I saw the Cro Cop-Hunt fight. It took about three months after that for me to be considered a "hardcore". Boxing is my main forte, but I have rolled before and I have friends that wrestle. So, you know I’m not completely incompetent, but please do always call me out if you disagree and have more knowledge on a subject/discipline. Hopefully together we can facilitate our own and the general knowledge of mixed martial arts.

I’m here to talk about this sport that you and I both love, so let’s get to it and have a great time doing so. And always trust that MMAForReal is your go-to site for the best news and opinion in the world of MMA.

So please join me in welcoming these two fine additions to our staff here at MMA For Real.  Also, for those of you that point forth the effort in trying to obtain these positions.  I saw a lot of talent and knowledge amongst a few of you so don't let this be a deterrent.  I had a guy to email me today wishing to join the staff here.  I will never say 'No' to an individual that's talented and/or brings something new to the table in regards to helping the site.  With the anticipated growth of this site, I expect that we'll need more help as time passes on, so keep up the good work in the fanposts/fanshots section and make me have to find a spot for you.  We are about to go on a monster run beginning this spring and throughout the summer.  So stay tuned, and as always we appreciate you supporting MMA For Real.