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UFC On Versus Results: Jon Jones Arrives And Stops Brandon Vera Via TKO In Rd. 1

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The fight begins and Jones clinches immediately and sweeps Vera with a take down and lands in full guard.  Jones with a punch and Vera pushes Jones away and gets back to his feet.  Vera with a leg kicka nd jones catches it.  Jones with a solid knee.  Jones clinches and takes Vera down again.  Vera with full guard now.  Jones with a big left hand and short elbows.  Vera lands a illegal upkick and the ref stops the fight to let Jones recover.  The referee takes a point away from Vera.  The restart in the same position.  Vera with another upkick.  Vera working a high guard now.  Jones with a short elbow.  Vera is hurt.  Jones pounces and drops punches on Vera as Vera rolled away.  Jones wins via TKO. 

SBN coverage of UFC on Versus: Vera vs. Jones