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UFC On Versus Results: Junior dos Santos Takes Out Gabriel Gonzaga Via TKO In Rd. 1

The fight begins and Gonzaga fires a leg kick and misses.  JDS with lots of feints.  JDS with a nice body shot.  Gonzaga with a nice leg kick.  Gonzaga with a take down and JDS springs up immediately.  Gonzaga with a solid leg kick.  JDS with body shots and a jab.  JDS with a glancing 1-2.  Gonzaga with a head kick that misses.  JDS with his own headkick and another with the opposite leg.  They trade jabs.  JDS seems to be finding his range now and lands a big right and another.  Gonzaga with with a leg kick that's countered with a left hook from JDS.  Gonzaga is rocked and goes down.  JDS pounces and is landing shots while Gonzaga is trying to defend.  JDS finds a home with some punches and Gonzaga goes out.  JDS via TKO.

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