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UFC On Versus Results: Cheick Kongo Overwhelms Buentello To Win Via Submission Due To Strikes

The fight starts and Buentello comes out with a lot of movement.  Kongo with a leg kick.  Buentello coming forward and Kongo presses Buentello against the cage, going for a takedown.  Buentello defending, but Kongo drops for the double leg and gets it.  Kongo is pinning Buentello against the cage, but Buentello is back to his feet.  Kongo scoops him with a big slam and drops him on his shoulder.  Kongo with short punches to the head.  Kongo with short punches to the body now as the crowd grows restless.  Buentello appears to have dislocated his finger, and the doctors come in.  Buentello is having none of it when they talk of stopping the fight.  The fight restarts.  Kongo with a nice 1-2 and shoots for another takedown and gets the double leg.  Kongo is half-guard with Buentello pinned against the cage with 50 seconds left.  Kongo with a solid knee to the body.  Buentello throws a wild punch and Kongo circles out and Buentello falls because he's off balance.  Kongo pounces and lands 3 punches to Buentello's head before the bell sounds.

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The second round starts and Kongo lands a leg kick.  Kongo with a head kick that's blocked.  Kongo eats a punch but lands a solid counter and another.  He shoots in for the take down and lands it.  Buentello gives up his back and Kongo is landing several unanswered punches.  The ref warns for punches to the back of the head.  Kongo with a big knee to the body.  Then lands a illegal knee to Buentello's face.  The ref deducts a point from Kongo.  Kongo is coming forward with punches to set up the take down. He gets it and lands several shots to Buentello's body.  Kongo with a huge uppercut.  He takes Buentello down again and is landing short punches to Buentello's head.  Kongo with knees and he seems to be taking over the fight right now.  Kongo is lands a big 1-2 and Buentello looks to be done...but he lands a wild 1-2 and Kongo shoots in and takes Buentello down again.  The ref restarts the fight.  Kongo comes forward and pins Buentello against the cage landing knees as the bell sounds.

The final round begins Kongo follows the same gameplan with a take down and puts Buentello against the cage.  Kongo with elbows to the thigh of Buentello.  Buentello taps out as Kongo is landing elbows to the thighs!!!