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UFC On Versus Results: Alessio Sakara Stops James Irvin Via TKO In Round 1

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The fight begins and Sakara with a quick 1-2.  Sakara with a leg kick.  Sakara with a spinning back fist that misses.  Sakara with a nice punch/kick combo.  Irvin seems real tentative and eats a right hand.  Irving is coming forward and lands a nice leg kick.  Sakara with a nice body shot.  Sakara with a big right hand.  Sakara looks much quicker than Irvin right now.  Irvin takes a punch to the eye and says he got poked in the eye it seems.  They are allowing him time to recover.  The replay is showing that it's not an eye poke and it was indeed a PUNCH.  The referee determines that it's a TKO victory for Alessio Sakara. 

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