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Fury Fight Promotions: "The Storm" Quick Results

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Fury Fight Promotions presented "The Storm" in Charleston, SC.  A storm is exactly what the North Carolina fighters appeared to have ran into as they got off to a rocky start before finishing real strong.  They won their last 3 fights after starting out losing the first four with Preston Marks, Jarrod Sanders, and Justin Dalton getting some big wins.  The full results can be found below and North Carolina fighters are bolded: 

-Billy Stamp defeated Ran Weathers via Unanimous Decision

-Anthony Lapsley defeated Dave Mewborn via Unanimous Decision

-Justin Dalton defeated Jason Nicholson via Submission(Strikes) at 1:13 of Rd. 1

-Shah Bobonis defeated Josh Robertson via Submission(D'Arce Choke) at :23 of Rd. 1

-Jerrod Sanders defeated Anthony Christodoulou via Submission(D'Arce Choke) at 2:14 of Rd. 2

-Preston Marks defeated Tim Goodwin via TKO at 4:13 of Rd. 2

-Joe Elmore defeated Joseph Carroll via Unanimous Decision

-Bobby Peavler defeated Josh Lening via Submission (North/South Choke) in Rd. 1

-Chris McNally defeated John Bryant via Submission(Strikes) at 2:04 of Rd. 1 

-Jason Hicks defeated Jeff Tharington via Submission(Armbar) at :45 of Rd. 1

-Travis McGruder defeated Antonio Reyes via TKO at :40 of Rd. 1

-Drew Ridgeway defeated Paul Ellis via Submission(RNC) at 1:39 of Rd. 3

-Sean Young defeated Nathan Hammes via Unanimous Decision