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Strikeforce Should Absolutely Book All 3 Title Fights For The April CBS Card

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Michael David Smith lays out some potential problems with Strikeforce putting on 3 title fights on one CBS show:

Broadcasting live MMA is always a tricky endeavor because the length of fights is unpredictable, but on this card, officials are particularly concerned about the possibility that all three title fights could go the full five rounds, making it nearly impossible to fit them all into a two-hour show. Or, conversely, CBS might allot more time for the Strikeforce broadcast -- but then all three fights could end in the first round, and CBS would find itself scrambling to fill time.

I can definitely understand that plight in regards to time management.   I also understand that they need to sell ad time in regards to commercials and things of that nature.  However, CBS allowed Strikeforce to go over the time limit on their last card that involved Emelianenko/Rogers which offered four fights altogether.  So I don't see why they wouldn't be able to do that again?  Well, if they were not willing to do it again then how committed are they to Strikeforce?  The fourth fight on this card could feature Herschel Walker if he was interested in fighting on the card, which would help a little ratings wise.  The fact of the matter is there would be no better opportunity for Strikeforce to present its champions to the largest audience possible.  The likelyhood of this opportunity happening again is small, and it would be a shame for Strikeforce's champions to miss this opportunity.  In fact, many Strikeforce fighters signed with them for this very reason.  The opportunity to fight on network television in front of millions of viewers.  Why wouldn't Strikeforce want that for its champions and the promotion itself?

On the flipside....

Strikeforce could be leary of featuring 3 title fights that will result in poor ratings.  It probably wouldn't be a good look for them in the eyes of CBS, to feature 3 title fights and only bring in around 300,000 viewers.  However, if they promote the event like they are supposed to and use March Madness to their benefit in regards to promotion?  I think they could possibly pull a decent ratings number.  I think it's worth the risk.  This is Strikeforce's opportunity to show the public what they have in regards to 'champions'.  If they really believe that their champions are on par with what the UFC has to offer, then they should urge CBS to broadcast their fights.   

**This is all dependant upon the May event taking place on Showtime and NOT on CBS as well, which currently seems like what will take place.