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Cesar Gracie Thinks A Herschel Walker/Jose Canseco Fight Would Draw Over One Million Eyeballs

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From MMAWeekly:

I’ve talked to people and they’re like, ‘it’s a farce,’ and ‘it’s a spectacle,’ as if two people fighting in a cage for money isn’t a spectacle, but whatever. People have got to slow down a little bit. This is entertaining. I mean, if you don’t have Jose Canseco then who the hell is Herschel Walker going to fight? Think about that ... I mean let’s face it, this is a money industry. Let’s not make no qualms about that. There would be no UFC, no Strikeforce, no MMA really if people weren’t paying to watch, and I guarantee you’d have well over a million people watching Canseco fight Herschel Walker. It would bring so many fans to the sport."

Although Strikeforce has tried to deny it, they have met with Jose Canseco albeit it's not clear about what they met about. However, let's be realistic, there's only one reason they have met and it ain't because Jose Canseco wants to write another book about steroids. Strikeforce does want Walker on the CBS card in April, and they'll need him for ratings because the fights they have scheduled so far are not going to cut it in that regard. Walker was able to help Strikeforce draw in just over 500,000 viewers on Showtime which has a limited subscription base. So Gracie could be right. Would you tune in to watch it?