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Fight Fury Promotions Presents: "The Storm" In Charleston, SC On March 20th

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Fight Fury Promotions will be hosting a monster MMA card in Charleston, SC on March 20th.  The event will take place at the North Charleston Coliseum, and the doors will open at 7pm.  You can get your tickets here.  This event will feature a lot of North Carolina guys that many of you are familiar with.  Names like Joseph Carroll, Preston Marks, Joshua Lening, Jeffrey Tharington, and Jerrod Sanders.  You can view the entire fight card after the jump.

-Ran Weathers(13-6) vs. Billy Stamp(10-7-1)

-Joseph Elmore(2-1) vs. Joseph Carroll(3-1)

-Tim Goodwin(4-1) vs. Preston Marks(2-1)

-Shah Bobonis(7-5) vs. Joshua Robertson(1-2)

-Stephan Ledbetter(7-3) vs. Jason Nicholson(1-7)

-Bobby Peavler(1-0) vs. Josh Lening(0-2)

-El Toro(13-5) vs. David Mewborn(8-2-1)

-Jason Hicks(4-0) vs. Jeffrey Tharington(0-1)

-Christopher McNally(1-1) vs. Adrian Belcarris(0-1)

-Nathan Hammes(0-0) vs. Sean Young(0-0)

-Jerrod Sanders vs. Cesar Serje(0-0)