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Shinya Aoki Talks Winning The Strikeforce Lightweight Title And Fighting In The United States

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From MMAFighting:

"I believe that Japan is the No. 1 country in mixed martial arts, so I want to show that through this fight," Aoki said Wednesday, through a translator. "Being the champion of two promotions, Dream and Strikeforce, that has a special meaning to me, to show Japan as No. 1."

"My schedule is dependent on Dream so Dream will decide when I fight again," Aoki said. "The United States is the biggest market so it's important for me to attract fans here and make a good impression in the U.S. market, but if I win the Strikeforce belt I am doing it for Dream and for Japan."

Aoki also communicated that he is training in a cage, and he is prepared to fight without his trademark pants.