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Report: Tito Ortiz Is Out Of Liddell Fight With Neck Injury

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From Fiveouncesofpain:

Sources close to the situation have recently indicated to FiveOuncesofPain.comthat multiple herniations in the neck of Ortiz prompted his removal from both the taping of The Ultimate Fighter Season 11, and his anticipated clash with fellow coach Liddell at the conclusion of the most recent season.

The rumors were running rampant about Tito not being able to finish the 11th season of TUF, so it seems as though the rumors have some validity now.  Ortiz has long had problems with his back, and underwent the knife last year to try and alleviate the problem.  However, he returned from the surgery to look like a shell of the shell of his former self against Forrest Griffin at UFC 106.  No word on who will replace him in the Chuck Liddell bout, as they were scheduled to face one another at the end of the 11th season of TUF for a third time.  Ortiz was 0-2 against the "Iceman", getting TKO'ed both times.     

In other news, Ortiz reportedly was just released from the hospital after suffering from a severe bout of the flu of which Ortiz thought was swine flu.  However, it was determined that was not the case. 

Do you think this neck injury will put Tito out of the game for good?