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Paul Buentello Thinks Kongo Is Scared To Trade With Him

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From MMAFighting:

It depends on which Kongo comes out. It totally depends if he's going for the takedowns and trying to hold people down, or if it's the Kongo that wants to stand and strike. It all depends on which Kongo shows up. No matter what fight I get into, everybody knows which Paul Buentello is going to show up: It's going to be a standup war. We're thinking he's going to go for a takedown. He's not going to want to stand. That's our whole gameplan, he's not going to stand at all.

I previewed the fight earlier today, and many of you think that Buentello is going to go night night.  What are your thoughts on Buentello's statement that Kongo will go for takedowns instead of standing and trading? 

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