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Report: Paulo Filho vs. Hector Lombard At May 20th Bellator Event

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Tatame with the scoop: learned from several sources that the black belt will face Bellator tournament champion Hector Lombard at May 20

It appears that the fight isn't exactly official according to Lombard's trainer Conan Silveira, but he it's clear that he has knowledge that the fight has been proposed.  Filho last competed in December for Bitteti Combat in Brazil winning via submission.  However, Filho was supposed to compete for the same promotion last month, but pulled out of the event citing that the promotion wasn't paying him enough money.  That was countered with reports that Filho was having personal problems. 

Lombard is the Bellator middleweight champion and last competed this past weekend stopping Art Santore in the second round extending his winning streak to 17 wins.

If this fight comes to fruition, who you taking in this one?